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Valerie L. Thomas, Inventor (1943)

June 29, 2011 Leave a comment

The honor of being this blog’s first featured personality goes to Valerie L. Thomas.

Two of Valerie L. Thomas’s notable contributions among many are:

  • In 1980, she received a patent for her "illusion transmitter," which uses a concave mirror on the transmitting end as well as on the receiving end to produce optical illusion images. NASA uses the technology today, and scientists are currently working on ways to incorporate it into tools for surgeons to look inside the human body, and possibly for television sets and video screens one day.1

  • Project manager for the development of NASA’s image-processing system on Landsat, the first satellite to send images from outer space.2

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  1. Inventor of the Week: Archive (

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Introduction: What’s Your Contribution?

June 27, 2011 2 comments

Welcome to What’s Your Contribution, Knowledge Seeker.

The overriding perception in the land mass known as the United States of America is that, culturally, the contributions of Blacks has been in sports and entertainment.

So this blog’s mission is currently two-fold:

  1. To let it be known that Blacks do contribute all across the spectrum, not just in sports and entertainment.

  2. To challenge and inspire all Netizens (that means you, Reader) to make contributions toward the growth and advancement of our global community.

So what’s your contribution? (While you formulate your response, please enjoy the blog…and thank you for visiting.)

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