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Richard Turere, Inventor (2000?)

My apologies in advance to the young man to whom this post is dedicated. At the time of this writing, reports of his age range between 11 and 14 years. I hope he or someone who knows him can verify his date of birth.

Regardless of his age, this remarkable young man, in his teen years as of this blog post, has contributed immensely to humanity and the global effort to save an endangered Earth species: lions.

While safeguarding his family’s livestock in a village in the region known as Kenya, Africa, Richard Turere noticed that the only time livestock wasn’t raided by nightly predators was when a person walked around with a flashlight on. With ingenuity and some experimentation, Richard invented Lion Lights, an automated system of LED lights that flash sequentially to simulate a human walking with a flashlight.  The flashing sequence of lights deter lions and other nightly predators from attacking livestock and other prey.

Richard Turere is receiving honorable mention in this blog for many reasons, but here are four:

  1. Prior to Richard’s invention, frustrated livestock keepers’ retaliation for attacks by lions and other predators was usually fatal to animals, not necessarily the offender. The adoption and installation of Richard’s simple invention continues to save untold numbers of endangered lions and other members of our ecosystem from unnecessary destruction.
  2. The governmental body in the region where Richard Turere resides has been relieved of the financial burden once caused by loss of livestock.
  3. At age 11, Richard’s invention earned him a full scholarship to Brookhouse International School in Kenya, increasing his ability to help himself and others, not necessarily humans, flourish.
  4. News of Lion Lights led to Richard’s participation in the TED Worldwide Talent Search as a potential speaker at TED2013. Two TED Conferences are held annually, and the conferences are described as a “gathering of the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers.”

Salutations, Richard Turere, for actively making a difference in the world. May you find success in your endeavors.


Richard Turere: Young Wildlife Hero (blog.africageographic.com)

Richard Turere (age 13): My Invention That Outsmarted Lions (youtube.com)

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